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Functional skills exams from the comfort of your own home with exam only options available

Online Functional Skills Maths and English Level 1 and Level 2 Functional skills are nationally recognised qualifications. Most jobs and courses require GCSE Maths and English, or the Functional Skills equivalent, and so these qualifications are an excellent addition to your CV when looking for future opportunities. Functional skills are widely accepted for university entry requirements. Please check university entrance requirements if needed before starting courses or booking exams with us Practice Examinations: Our practice examinations are available to support learners in their preparation for their examination of functional skills and are available in both paper-based and on-screen formats On-screen practice examinations help learners to familiarise themselves with the various features of the system such as how to navigate through the exam and text formatting options

  • Allows progression to further study

  • Complimentary access to an online functional skills resource

  • Practice papers available

  • Take the exam from the comfort of your own home

  • Invigilated via screen share and webcam

  • English speaking and listening examination taken on set dates, please ask us for details. This is completed online using Zoom breakout rooms and online 'classroom-based' technology

  • Registration and certification fees included

  • Available at Level 1 or Level 2

  • Work at your own pace with up to 12 months to book the exam, or in as little as a few weeks

  • Our exam only prices Include a one-hour examination preparation 1:1 session with a qualified assessor

  • Initial and Diagnostic assessments with Skills Assessments are available

  • The exam is the final step in achieving these nationally recognised qualifications

  • We offer both Level 1 and Level 2 Functional Skills examinations

  • Highfield qualifications, Ofqual regulated and nationally recognised

There are no entry requirements, but you will need good internet access and IT systems such as a laptop and your own IT equipment suitable for taking the exam at home (including screen share capability, microphone and a webcam) as well as a quiet place to take the exam, in the room on your own with no disturbances You can take the exam at any time within 12 months of registration. All fees must be paid in full prior to the exam When you have passed your exam, you will receive a nationally recognised qualification through Highfield, who are one of the biggest awarding bodies in the UK and Ofqual recognised. Cost * Maths L1 or L2 exam only (plus one-hour exam support session) £299 English L1 or L2 exam only (plus one-hour exam support session) £399 English Level 1 or 2 full course £999 Maths Level 1 or 2 full course £999 Maths and English Level 2 full courses when booked at the same time £1499 *Please email us for accurate quotes based on your needs, prices subject to change If you are interested in taking functional skills exams, please contact us so that we can assess your learning and examination needs and have an informal chat with you about the best way to move things forward and support you to achieve those all-important qualifications​

Email or call 0121 294 5153

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