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Business Administrator EPA with A2A Training - friendly, professional and flexible booking times

Business Administrator L3 EPA

We are approved by Ofqual to deliver BA3 EPA. Our team of assessors are friendly, professional and will do their best to put apprentices at ease in order for them to achieve the best possible result they can. We will do our best to book an EPA date at a time that suits you; even offering weekend or evening assessment times, as well as a range of resources to help you prepare. ​​ Three EPA components: Online Knowledge Test: The knowledge test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and is normally completed online. We can in some circumstances, use paper-based testing. The test is invigilated and is taken under exam conditions Project or Improvement: The apprentice delivers a presentation (normally online by screen sharing) on a project or improvement they have completed at work. The presentation should last 10-15 minutes, followed by a Q&A session of 10-15 minutes about t the project or improvement Portfolio-based Interview: The apprentice must submit in advance a portfolio of evidence showing their best work which is used to frame the interview. The interview should last 30-45 minutes ​ ____________________________ Prior to the EPA/Gateway The apprentice/provider must confirm evidence of readiness for EPA by completing our Gateway form and provide evidence of Maths and English functional skills at level 2 or equivalent. The apprentice must upload the project report and/or slides at Gateway and their Portfolio of Learning at least 2 weeks before the EPA Results of EPA Once all the elements of the EPA are completed, the independent end point assessor will submit their recommended grade, which is then checked and verified, with results made available within 7 working days Book your BA3 EPA with us​ by calling 0121 354 8082 or email

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