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Our learners give us great feedback on epa and training courses


David J. - Director 
Apprenticeship Training Provider

I want to say a huge thank you to A2A Training and EPA for all their work with a group of our learners for EPA. The team were first class in dealing with ourselves and putting learners at ease. Really offered a level of support above and beyond my expectations. I really can't recommend their services enough.

Hannah M - IQA Learner 

A huge thankyou to Louise at A2A Training for supporting and pushing me to complete my IQA, for anyone wanting to work with an EPA company or looking to complete IQA, EQA or EPA Assessor then get in contact.

Sunil N. IQA, EPA and CAVA Learner

I cannot express how grateful I am to A2A Training for their exceptional help and guidance throughout my CAVA/IQA and EPA awards journey...the trainers are subject matter specialists that go above and beyond....the training facilities are excellent fostering a positive learning atmosphere.

Matthew G - CAVA and EPA Course 

What a great program, so well managed and trained by the assessor, who made the training very engaging and helped me apply the right elements right first time. Very easy, responded to emails quickly and setup ad hoc calls to answer specific questions (exceeded my expectations). Very pleasant and supportive manner and guided though elements where I was needed it, the course exceeded my expectations in every way."

Sally EPA and EQA Course Learner

 As an IQA working with the OU, I wanted to complete my EPA, I found A2A on LinkedIn. Having had some great support completing this qualification, I also decided to complete my EQA with them. I would recommend friends, colleagues and family to undertake qualifications with A2A. A very professional and supportive company

Hollie P. IQA Learner

Great experience completing my IQA qualification. My assessor has been supportive and offered great customer service. Highly recommend,.

Sarah J. - EQA Course Learner

Professional  and excellent customer service. A2A have a professional but personal approach to the delivery of the qualifications they deliver. Customer service is excellent and I enjoyed completing my course with my assessor who was really supportive

David H - IQA Learner and Director of EPAO/Apprenticeship Provider

I was reluctant to do this course because time is short and there are so many other priorities. But when I finally took the plunge, I was pleasantly surprised how smooth the process was. My assessor greatly improved my confidence in my own abilities and provided encouraging and tactful guidance where necessary. The training process was handled really efficiently so that I was able to complete it far faster thank I expected to. I am really pleased that I took this qualification through A2A.

Elaine C- EQA Course Learner

My assessor was really supportive and encouraging. I have learnt a lot by completing the qualification with A2A and I have recommended them to others.

Sarah S - IQA Course Learner 

My assessor was fantastic at helping with my IQA qualification. She was very flexible with our 121 training sessions, always really encouraging and motivating. If I was struggling she took time to explain so that I understood. I ended up completing the training very quickly due to her help and guidance. I would highly recommend A2A and will be back for another course.

Iain D - EQA Course Learner

I am currently completing my EQA course and so far the course materials and resources, as well as the support from my assessor has been excellent - challenging and thought provoking, but enjoyable and useful for any progression within  my organisation. Any time I contact my assessor, the response is speedy...with constructive feedback to guide me to achieve my goal.

Nicola G - IQA and EPA Course Learner 

I am completing my IQA and EPA training with A2A and they are supportive and understanding that I work full time and have children. They are happy to adapt around my needs and timetable

Natalie S - IQA Course Learner 

Having worked in Education  and training for a number of years, I understand what it takes to be a great provider. My assessor is friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and supportive and has a way of putting you art ease and making work seem do-able. Her patient, calm manner meant I enjoyed sessions and she took care to clarify tasks and evidence needed so that I was efficient in gathering and completing what was needed. I can't thank her enough and I would recommend her  to anyone.

Amanda L - IQA and EPA Learner

I am currently doing my IQA course and EPA and it is so welcoming and they do understand that you work full time and are always there to support you.

I would recommend them.

Mike A - IQA Learner and EPAO Director 

Louise provided me with a personalised approach to my IQA qualification, taking into account my background and existing skills. Louise led me through the qualification in an expedient and professional manner. Louise has also helped my business gain accreditation with and remain compliant with the regulatory body through detailed knowledge of the requirements coupled with a pragmatic application and determination to succeed.

Waheeda S. EQA Course Learner 

I have just completed my EQA course with A2A Training I will recommend them to everyone, they support you through the course all the way and give lots of feedback and information and guidance which helps you achieve your goals. Lou was amazing  as a tutor. I have now booked my EPA course with them too.

Alex - EPA Co-ordinator for Training Provider

Louise and her team managed our EPAs excellently. They were flexible with times and even booked weekend appointments to help apprentices who do shift work to complete their EPA observations on a Saturday and in the evening. I can't recommend them enough. They made the learners feel at ease and were so easy to work with from start to finish.

Natalie K- EPA Learner

I was recommended by a colleague to complete my level 3 EPA qualification and I am so glad they did. A really friendly and professional tutor (Sarah) who was in contact before the session started to help with the VLE system and make sure I had access to the resources I needed. Delivery was great with some good discussions, ideas and things to consider. Sarah was great from start to completion. I would recommend the course.

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