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EPA FAQs: Frequently asked questions and answers for training providers

End Point Assessment Frequently Asked questions (FAQs) by Training Providers

How do I book in apprentices in with you for EPA?

Your centre will need to have a contract in place with us, but once this is done, give us a call and we will arrange a date and time for the EPA (0121 294 5153) or email us and we will contact you. You then need to add the details to ACE360 which is the secure platform we use to store and share apprentice information with you.

How can I access things like practice papers or guidance materials?

We use ACE360 to securely share information with training providers. Have a look in the Knowledge Base in ACE360 once your centre is registered with us.

Do you charge training providers to register with you?

No, we only charge per EPA and dates can be reserved from as little as £50 deposit.

Can I arrange a Zoom or Teams meeting to chat to you about EPA?

Yes of course. We can go through any tricky areas or clarify any concerns you have. We can also go through hints and tips to help. Contact us: (0121 294 5153) or email us

What systems do you use?

We use ACE360 which is widely used by EPAOs and is secure, easy to access and user friendly.

My apprentice was given extra time for their GCSEs. Do you do similar reasonable adjustments?

Yes, please contract us a few weeks before the EPA and we can talk this through. You can find our policy on the website: Policies | A2A Training

What makes you different to other EPAOs?

We offer fantastic service, great prices, we offer a free invigilation service, we can make changes and listen to your ideas, we offer webinars to support training providers and students. As a small EPAO we are flexible, dedicated and professional.

Why use A2A Training for EPA?

1. Our costs are very competitive compared to the majority of EPAOs who A lot of EPAOs are putting their prices up, but we can offer a price fix until December 2023 for all EPAs booked before 1.12.2023 once contracted with us and on the ILR

2. Apprentices can take the knowledge test from the comfort of their own home, invigilated by one of our trained assessors (at no extra cost)

3. As a smaller EPAO are we are really friendly, easy to get hold of and offer a personal service. We can make changes quickly and offer a more personalised approach

4. We offer detailed and clear feedback to ALL apprentices

5. Our service level of 7 working days or less, means results come quickly

6. We are Ofqual recognised and work to the same high standards as all EPAOs, yet as a smaller EPAO we have lower overheads and can pass on those cost savings

7. We pride ourselves on putting apprentices at ease and offer online planning and preparation meetings, so that apprentices can test their technology and meet their assessor ahead of the EPA date, we do all we can to put apprentices at ease

8. Our assessors are highly experienced, friendly and professional

9. We use a well-known and highly secure platform to store and share EPA documentation and results, called ACE360

10. We welcome feedback from our customers, we make changes quickly, have excellent communication and take a pride in doing all we can to exceed expectations

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