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How to become an Independent End Point Assessor

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

There are a few routes you can use to become an independent end point assessor and the requirements of the EPAOs (end point assessment organisations may vary depending on the standard they assess and their own internal processes and procedures.

No matter what EPAO you want to work for, you will need evidence of competence in the area you want to assess in, so if you want to become a recruitment EPA, for example, then you will need evidence of years of experience working at that level within the recruitment industry, as well as relevant qualifications the standard requires and professional assessment qualifications.

Most organisations will expect you to have your assessor qualification (aka CAVA or A1, as it used to be called) and this is well worth the investment, as it can open up lots of avenues within assessment of NVQs and apprenticeships as well. You pretty much won't get considered for an EPA job without this (or enrolling on it).

There is a standalone EPA assessor qualification, which is the Level 3 Award in Undertaking End Point Assessment. This is not essential but is well recognised by EPAOs and is the only qualification currently available to demonstrate your understanding of EPA, a great addition to your CV.

The IQA qualification is the next step, meaning you can then check the assessment work of others. Becoming an IQA can make you a better assessor, as it means you have a greater understanding of the processes and procedures behind assessment, and you'll also understand what your IQA goes through in checking your work and meeting regulatory requirements (which can be a lot harder than you might think). After that there is the lead IQA qualification.

The good news is there are literally hundreds of apprenticeship providers, NVQ providers and EPAOs looking for these skills and once you have them on your CV, they are very supportive in your next step.

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