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Learn to become an IQA with us

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

If you are looking to become an IQA within apprenticeships, NVQ, Btec or End Point Assessment, you will need to gain a nationally accredited internal quality assurance qualification. Many apprenticeship standards require end point assessors to hold this qualification too.

We are offering 50% off EPA courses when enrolled at the same time as an IQA (or assessor) course (EPA course normally £299 would be £149) with the IQA course at £595*. We are not the cheapest IQA course (and no-where near the most expensive) on the market, but we are very flexible in our working methods, great to work with, offer exceptional support, and aim to save you time by collecting evidence in ways that are time efficient to you, as we know you have a busy schedule, whilst ensuring you still produce quality work and enhance your knowledge and understanding.

£595 cost based on Level 4 Award in the Internal Quality Assurance of Assessment Processes and Practice which is the essential qualification you need to become an IQA.

All those enrolled on our professional courses can now apply for a TOTUM PRO (NUS) student discount card, who claim that, on average, people save around £500 a year by having one.

IQA qualifications are suitable for those working in colleges, training providers and schools

​Training delivered online by experienced senior IQAs and trainers in small group or 1:1 sessions (maximum of 6). Minimum age 19.

Payment can be made in instalments over 3 months.

10% discount available for groups of 6 or more enrolling at the same time and 50% off our EPA training course when you enrol on both at the same time.

​​IQA Courses

We offer all the essential IQA courses you need at 4 different levels. We can talk you through which level you need. Our courses are certified by Highfield and are the essential qualifications to enable you to quality assure the work of others.

Our IQA courses will support you to help assessors make training and assessment decisions that are valid, reliable, fair, and consistent. Many assessors say that learning about IQA made them a better assessor.

We offer a range of IQA qualifications at different levels to suit your needs

These courses will enable you to prepare for a career in IQA for a range of qualifications, such as apprenticeships, NVQ, Btec, EPA, functional skills, teaching certificates and more.

We offer this course as a distance course or face to face depending on your needs. and location. Our tutors are there to support you on the phone, online or email.

You will have the flexibility to learn at your own pace and take up to a year to complete. You could however, with some hard work, complete in as little as 6 weeks. On average most learners complete in around 3-4 months.

Adapting our teaching to your learning style

We aim to be as supportive as possible to help you achieve your IQA qualification. This means we can use a range of methods to support you in gathering evidence for meeting the requirements including

  • Work based product evidence (so work you are already doing or have done)

  • Short, written assignments

  • Professional discussion, where you plan responses, and these are then recorded on voice/video

  • Q&A voice recorded, simple and time efficient way of demonstrating knowledge and understanding

  • Online meeting dates to suit your needs

  • Friendly, professional support, teaching and guidance

  • Observation

  • see our website for more information: IQA Training Courses | A2A Training

Professional student discounts

All our professional students can apply for the NUS Extra/Totum Card which gives you access to over 200 UK student discounts in places like Co-Op, Amazon and ASOS

Call 0121 294 5153 for more details or to book a place on this course or email

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