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Our biggest tips for EPA success

There are a few magical formulas to help you get the best possible results from your end point assessment. Well maybe not magical, but certainly helpful.

As experienced end point assessors, we know how to get the most out of candidates to help support them to get the best possible grade they can from their EPA. But the groundwork is essentially up to the apprentice and the training provider. We know however, as an EPAO, our guidance can have a big impact on outcomes. Here's some of our top tips for successful outcomes for EPA.

  1. Talk about 'I' not 'we'. In your end point assessment if you talk about what 'we' did, it's hard for your assessor to establish YOUR role and responsibilities. We can't mark work other people have done, so make it crystal clear what YOU did.

  2. Your EPA is a chance for you to showcase how great you are, don't be modest. It's a time to talk in detail, giving real-life examples, and let your assessor know your strengths and what went well during your apprenticeship

  3. Read and re-read the assessment plan

  4. Make sure you have at least 2 solid examples for each of the KSB areas. Some standards might require more than this, but you'll know that having read and re-read the assessment plan :-)

  5. Get to know the KSB areas (Key Skills and Behaviours) - these are what you need to demonstrate during your EPA

  6. If you are submitting a project, or other information in advance of the EPA, make sure it is clear, well formatted and easy to understand. Sometimes we see projects, for example, that are really confusing and not clear what the project was actually about.

  7. State the obvious. There are no trick questions, your end point assessor is not there to catch you out, and there may be questions that seem simple, and you might think you have missed the point. The assessor needs to ensure that all those KSB areas are fully evidenced, and sometimes we have to ask, even though it might seem clear to you.

We have lots more tips to help and we work really closely with our end point assessment clients to help prepare apprentices whenever we can.

We offer outstanding service as well as low costs. Why pay more for the same (or better) service? We offer Business Administrator Level 3 EPA for a lower cost than other EPAOs, as well as offering that one-to-one service you get from a smaller organisation. We are Ofqual recognised and work to high standards of professionalism, support and friendliness. Inbox us for more details

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