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Why apprenticeships are great!

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Great things about apprenticeships

Gain nationally recognised qualifications

Many apprenticeships come with nationally recognised qualifications, these may be in the form of NVQ or Btec, functional skills or sector specific qualifications. All a good enhancement to your CV and potential earnings

Earn while you learn

Earning and learning at the same time is great for your independence and your bank balance. Students at university pay around £9000+ a year in fees and are not necessarily getting real life work skills that are valued by employers, and no guarantee of a job, so you won’t be racking up student debt, plus you already will have a job whilst completing your apprenticeship

Skills and experience

You will be gaining lots of new skills, not just skills to do the job, but communication skills, people skills and practical work skills that can take you to the next level career wise

Your tutor and training provider

On an apprenticeship, you will be assigned a personal tutor, who is an expert in their field, so you get to learn from them and have their support throughout your apprenticeship. Learn from the master!

End Point Assessment (EPA)

Yes, EPA can be a daunting part of any apprenticeship, but will give you skills to support your future career, such as responding to interview questions, delivering projects and presentations and compiling reports to showcase your best work. End point assessment organisations, like A2A Training are there to support apprentices and put them at ease to get the best possible grade they are capable of

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