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Team Leader or Supervisor L3  EPA

ST0384 Level 3 Team Leader or Supervisor Apprenticeship End Point Assessment.

A team leader or supervisor is a first-line management role, with operational, project responsibilities or responsibility for managing a team to deliver a clearly defined outcome. They provide direction, instructions and guidance to ensure the achievement of set goals. In the private, public or third sector and in all sizes of organisation, specific responsibilities will vary, but the knowledge, skills and behaviours needed by employees will be the same whatever the role.

The recommended order of end-point assessment is as follows. 

1.  Presentation with questions and answers 

2. Professional discussion underpinned by portfolio of evidence.

The apprentice will be given their presentation title post-gateway by us. It will cover one of the following topics:

• Reviewing ways to reduce cost and increase efficiency in a business environment

• Implementing a performance management process within a team or business unit

• Supporting their team through a period of change within their organisation

• Managing a difficult situation within their team


The presentation and questioning elements must take place on a one-to-one basis between the independent assessor and the apprentice and will be completed using Teams or Zoom. The apprentice can use any format, such as a posters, slides, or handouts.  The presentation will be followed by a 30-minute Q&A session for the assessor to explore some topics in more detail, with the assessor asking the apprentice a minimum of 5 questions, with one question from each of the following KSB areas: • team building and development • communication • organisational culture and strategy • problem solving • data analysis.

Portfolio of evidence:

The portfolio of evidence gathered on-programme will be used by the apprentice during the professional discussion. It is not formally assessed, however, apprentices may refer to it during the discussion by showing the assessor examples of their work or by talking through their experiences. There must be at least one piece of evidence relating to each knowledge, skill and behaviour mapped to the professional discussion. Each piece of evidence can be referenced against more than one knowledge, skill or behavioural requirement. It will typically contain 20 pieces of evidence.

There are 3 possible grades for the end-point assessment: fail, pass and distinction. 

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